#014: Uptown Yardie Founders Share Their Kickstarter Journey

Rohan Clarke & Natasha Clarke are the founders of Uptown Yardie, a British company inspired by Jamaican heritage, selling a lifestyle, captured through shoes for men and women. Inspired by a Bob Marley quotation ‘me ah bring downtown uptown’, meaning he is bring the “man dem” from the ghetto to where he was living uptown at the time. The original “Uptown Yardie” is someone who comes from the more affluent parts of Jamaica.


In this Podcast we discuss ( SPOILER ALERT )

  • [02:30] An introduction to Uptown Yardie
  • [04:30] Rohan shares how he knew there is a market for Uptown Yardie
  • [05:15] We find out if, larger firms are slow to respond to market demands, because of  too much red tape
  • [09:00] We find out more about the Kickstart campaign for Uptown Yardie
  • [10:47] “Our Instagram account went for 300 to 800 in about a week”
  • [11:45] How to get your brand to be a “Project we love” on Kickstarter
  • [16:00] Choosing your project target amount
  • [19:40] How Uptown Yardie plan to build legacy with their brand
  • [20:50] Natasha explains Kickstarter pledges, and how they decided what pledges to make available
  • [24:30] We learn some of the mistakes Uptown Yardie made, with their Kickstarter project
  • [26:00 How to maximise on your Kickstarter Project
  • [28:40] How influencers can help your Kickstarter campaign
  • [30:50] Creating a buzz on for your campaign
  • [33:30] How a Facebook Pixel can help your business online
  • [35:00] How influencers can be helpful & why you should reach out to influencers
  • [38:15] How to manage international sales and different tastes from around the world.
  • [43:00] We find out how Rohan & Nataha learn about business strategies
  • [46:00] Why you need contracts with your suppliers
  • [49:12] What you should have in your contracts, to make sure they’re water tight, and what penalties to include
  • [53:49] How contracts can help with managing clients
  • [57:00] We find out what Rohan & Natasha wish they knew, before they got started in the fashion industry

Key points you will learn

  • An overview of what Kickstarter can do for you
  • How to get your Kickstarter campaign noted as a “Project We Like” by Kickstarter
  • How to manage suppliers

Links and resources mentioned


1. Ask yourself the question, how well do you know your business? Could you answer all the questions from the Dragons Den?

  • Research your numbers. E.G. Turnover, Cost of Sales, Profits etc.
  • Find out who your competitors are.
  • What is unique about your product, what makes it unique and standout?
  • Why would someone buy into your product?

2. Know your greatness and don’t dwell on the negatives


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Podcast Original Music by MadReal