#030 Starting A Business During A Recession With Restaurateur Carlington Clarke

Carlington Clarke is the entrepreneur, Head Chef and co-founder of Pumpkin Jerk Grill, an award nominated take-away restaurant offering authentic Caribbean cuisine. Carlington has over 20 years of cooking experience and has been involved in a number of restaurant launches.

Carlinton Clarke

Main points of discussion

  • An introduction to Carlington Clarke (Carlos)
  • We find out why Carlos choose to move to the UK, instead of the United  States.
  • Carlos explains why he felt trapped on an island, and how that impacted him.
  • We learn about how he found his love for food
  • Carlos shares the challenges he faced in finding a job within the hospitality industry, in Jamaica
  • How a glass ceiling at work, can open new opportunities for you
  • We learn how Carlos went about opening Pumpkin Grill
  • Carlos shares how the knowledge of knowing his parents didn’t work for someone, influenced his decision to be an entrepreneur
  • We find out if partnerships could be beneficial to your growth
  • Why Carlos opened a restaurant in Barnet, and how he won during a recession.
  • We get tips on launching a new restaurant or takeaway
  • Why you should avoid borrowing money if you can
  • Should you expect your own take-away, not to make a profit in its 1st year of business?
  • How to ensure all your cooks, cook the same way
  • We find out why staffing is a big challenge for restaurants
  • Why you should follow your dream
  • Why your purpose in life, must be bigger than what you want for yourself
  • Carlos talks about what has been working for him promoting his business.
  • We find out where Carlos gets his inspiration from

Key points you will learn

  • Why Carlos opened a restaurant in Barnet, and how he won during a recession
  • Why you should avoid borrowing money if you can
  • Why you should follow your dream

Links and resources mentioned

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  • If you are truly an entrepreneur, Just Do It. Anything that is burning in you, that you haven’t started, make an effort to complete it.

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