#034 Shea Island Founders Talk Sales & Logistics of Beauty Products

Jamie and Rachel, are the dream team and power couple behind Shea Island, a brand that specialises in natural shea butter and African Black Soap.

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Key points you will learn

  • An introduction to Jamie & Rachel.
  • We hear the Shea Island elevator pitch, and learn more about where the idea came from.
  • How to figure out who has the best strengths in a business partnership.
  • Why “trial and error” can be a positive learning experience for your business.
  • Why having a plan can help with your business goals.
  • How do you deal with negativity and adversity from those closet to you.
  • How Jamie found the confidence to leave work and dive into the business.
  • How making cutbacks can help you make the transition into launching a new business.
  • Why it’s important not to compare yourself to others.
  • How useful can a show or exhibition be to your business.
  • How to go about importing goods by air.
  • We find out why freight forwarders are your best friends during the importing process.
  • Why it’s important to get an EROI number if you are importing goods.
  • How you can maximise the benefit of participating in a show or exhibition.
  • How word of mouth has helped to grow Shea Island.
  • Why you should not shy away from asking for help.
  • Rachel & Jamie share where they get their inspiration from.
  • Why it is important to budget.
  • Why its important to have structure to your business.
  • Why you don’t need that much money to launch a business.
  • How to improve your sales technique

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