#033 Journey Two The Top Founders Share Their Social Media Secrets

By September 7, 2017Diversity All Star Podcast
Lara & Dapo are an entrepreneurial couple and the founders of Journey Two The Top, a Vlog in which they document their growth as individuals and as a couple, while also sharing some of their struggles and advice. Lara is the Cofounder of Fashion SOS & Smooch, while Dapo is the founder & managing director of LocoKickz.

Wow! Yesterday was a #MOVIE ?! We were blessed to be around some amazing guests and we can not thank everyone enough as we sit here and recover. The stories that we shared was just priceless and the love that was in the room was EPIC ? —– Thank you for celebrating our five year anniversary with us and supporting our journey as we grow and create memories. Thank you to @nissytee @ckkonadu @tosinpeters @zoiepetersx and @estaregrams for dropping gems ? to our guests and @_traceylopez and @thecamconnect for having the confidence to get up and speak. —– Thank you to our sponsors @sweet_something_decor @ribbonandbow_gifts @hairvirginity @wmhairbeauty @sinmisbeautique @hautehampers @locokickz thank you to our dope photographers and videographer @Emmanueltmenson and @kkh__photography thank you for our cakes and cupcakes @creationsbychlo_ thank you to our DJ @mr1elusive thank you @jacquinamamua for Lara’s makeup and a massive thank you for the best events coordinator ever and her team @cbest.online we could not have done this without you guys! —– #TheStairwayToSuccess

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Key points you will learn

  • An introduction to Lara and Dapo
  • We learn more about Fashion SOS and Smooch XOXO
  • An overview of Journey Two The Top
  • We find out how long Smooch XOXO has been up and running
  • Lara shares how Smooch XOXO started
  • How you can use Instagram to sell clothes or products
  • How pursuing your passions can have an effect on your drive for business
  • How Lara used Instagram to generate an alternate source of revenue
  • We learn how a good Instagram account, opened up marketing consultation opportunities
  • We find out how Instagram can help you build a client base internationally
  • How gifting influencers with your products, can help you sell more
  • The secret to getting over 300,000 followers
  • How quality and consistency can help your brand to grow
  • Why posting without true meaningful intent, can affect on post engagement from your community
  • We find out why thinking outside the box can help your social channels to grow
  • How to pick the best posting style
  • Why it is important to know what you are trying to achieve on Instagram before posting.
  • Is it a good idea to delete your posts if they receive low engagement?
  • Why you shouldn’t let “key board warriors” bother you
  • How creating debates can help you create engagement with your audience
  • An insight into how Loco Kickz got started
  • We learn if the US has a large influence of Dapo and Laras’ businesses
  • Why Dapo and Lara started a personal brand through “Journey Two The Top”
  • Best Social Media Tip
  • We find out why it’s important to have someone to hold you accountable for your goals.
  • Why it’s important to have a strong support system around you.

Key points you will learn

  • What it takes to get over 300,000 followers to your social channels
  • How Instagram can help you build a client base internationally
  • Is it a good idea to delete a post if it gets low engagement.

Links and resources mentioned

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  1. Believe in yourself and believe in your dreams
  2. Write down what it is that you want to achieve and take action.
  3. Do something you haven’t done before.
  4. Start now, don’t start tomorrow. Take a step towards achieving your goals.

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