#020: Helping Your Child To Start Their Own Mini Business With Nadu Placca

Nadu Placca is an entrepreneurial mum and founder of NP Presents, an international creative events agency, that specialises in Event Management, Experiences and Training. Nadu’s determination to succeed, has seen her manage events at many notable venues including The Royal Albert Hall and Downing Street, to name a select few.



In this Podcast we discuss ( SPOILER ALERT )

  • [02:17] An introduction to Nadu Placca
  • [03:19] What inspired Nadu to become an entrepreneur
  • [05:10] Nadu shares a story of how she landed a £250,000 project
  • [07:50] How networking and “word of mouth”, helped NP Presents to find new clients
  • [13:15] An example of how a vision board can help you achieve your goals
  • [17:10] Nadu explains if a vision board, or the people you meet at a vision board party, will help you to excel
  • [21:40] We learn a lesson about listening to your intuition
  • [22:50] We find out how Nadu worked out, what she was good at
  • [24:00] Nadu shares her opinion on mentors
  • [25:09] Why you need a good circle of friends to share what your going through
  • [27:20] We learn how Nadu manages international projects
  • [32:10] How to manage your business cash flow
  • [34:30] Some advice on how to quote for events
  • [35:50] Why you should budget for miscellaneous in your projects
  • [38:00] How to balance being a mother and an entrepreneur
  • [41:16] The Slumber Club – An example of how your kids could be entrepreneurs too
  • [44:40] Nadu shares more about the courses she has available on event management training and spoken word.
  • [48:20]  Why you should talk about yourself more and take risks

Key points you will learn

  • How you can use “word of mouth”, to grow your business
  • How a vision board can help you achieve your goals
  • Ways to get your kids involved with your business, or how to nurture their entrepreneurial curiosity

Links and resources mentioned


  1. Be open to people and talk about yourself more
  2. Create a vision board
  3.  Read The Celestine Prophecy
The famous socks!

The famous socks!

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