#029 Getting Customers Before You’ve Even Launched With Hannah Mcduffus

Hannah Mcduffus is the founder of BedNBreakfasttt, a unique breakfast delivery service, currently covering South East London and East London. They deliver piping hot breakfasts to homes and workplaces across London. An idea born from Hannah’s time living and teaching in Taiwan.

Main points of discussion

  • We get an introduction to Hannah Mcduffus and BedNBreakfasttt
  • We find out how Hannah came across her business idea while in Taiwan
  • Why using fresh ingredients is important to Hannah
  • Hannah talks about her career before she got started with BedNBreakfasttt
  • How Instagram helped Hannah to validate her business idea
  • Why businesses with lots of visuals work best on Instagram
  • Why your idea can make a big difference to having people queuing up for your product before it launches
  • Hannah shares tips and tricks to get followers on Instagram
  • We find out how Hannah hired her first delivery drivers
  • How Hannah used her advertising experience to get great PR
  • How being the face of your company can be positive for promotion
  • How Hannah used Twitter to promote her business and be featured in several newspapers and magazines.
  • We find out how much money Hannah needed to get off the ground
  • We hear Hannah’s launch story, and how she paid her delivery platform £800 within the first 3 weeks of launching.
  • We ask Hannah how she would spend £1,500 on her business if she launched today
  • Do you need a restaurant to launch a food related business?
  • Why maintaining a business is more important than starting.
  • We find out why Hannah takes inspiration from her mum.
  • Why you should not worry about what other people are thinking about your business.

Key points you will learn

  • How to get customers queuing up for your product before you launch
  • The benefits of PR, and how you can get yourself featured in magazines and newspapers
  • Why maintaining a business is more important than starting.

Links and resources mentioned

More from Hannah Mcduffus


  • Find 3 people who you can resonate with, and inspire you in business. Contact them and try and get as many golden nuggets of information from them as possible. 

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  • Joseph Musama

    That was pretty awesome and inspiring. What afabulous story and a very engaging personality.