#018: Coping With Business Pressure & Bouncing Back From Depression With Linda Mbagwu

Linda Mbagwu started her own business at the age of 25 whilst homeless and living in her car and in less than 5 years grew it to a multi million-pound business.

She experienced a brief 3-month spout of depression, which included failed suicide attempts, in the first few months of running her business. Through research and working with coaches, she was able to get herself out of depression and on a journey of complete self transformation which resulted in the success of her business as well as improved relationships with friends and family as well as her personal well-being.


In this Podcast we discuss ( SPOILER ALERT )

  • [02:41] An introduction to Linda Mbagwu
  • [06:20] How Linda got involved with mutual funds
  • [10:00] Linda shares what drives her forward
  • [12:20] Is Linda an entrepreneur or someone who just gets the jobs done?
  • [13:05] We find out how Linda got involved in the recruitment industry
  • [17:26] “By the age of 22 I was earning £110,000 in commission”
  • [20:39] The roots of how Linda fell into depression
  • [26:30] Linda shares her experience of having a business partner
  • [31:00] The pressure of being an entrepreneur – Being an entrepreneur Vs having a career
  • [31:50] How depression changed Linda’s life
  • [34:50] Linda talks suicide attempts, and finding the strength not to commit suicide
  • [36:50] Why depression is a gift
  • [41:30] Linda shares her business turnover
  • [44:00] Linda talks about her experience with a private equity firm
  • [45:50] What you need to build a multi-million pound company
  • [48:00] What Linda can teach you
  • [50:00] How to manage fear when entering a new business
  • [51:50] What Linda wishes she knew before she started out in business
  • [52:00] What happened to Linda’s recruitment business?
  • [56:50] How to judge your productivity

Key points you will learn

  • An insight into how you can bounce back from depression
  • What you need to build a multi-million pound company
  • How to manage fear when entering a new business

Links and resources mentioned


A. Do an exercise that will help you realise the stories that you tell yourself, as a lot of us have fears that are not justified.

  1. Create two circles
  2. In one circle, write the facts of what happened or took place around your fear
  3. In the other circle, write down the story that you created around the event that created that fear or perception

This will help you separate if you are making up a story up, vs what actually took place. This will help you manage fear, and help you to be objective.

B. Find a mentor or coach for every area that you trying to advance with.

C. Find people or businesses that compliment your business goals, or that are in the same industry, that you can collaborate with.

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