#009: Business Ethics With William Adoasi, Founder of Vitae London

William Adoasi is the founder of Vitae London, a watch brand based in London, that has strong ethical values at its core. For every watch purchased, Vitae London helps children in sub-Saharan Africa with their education.

In this Podcast we discuss ( SPOILER ALERT )

  • [01:45] Introduction to William Adoasi & Vitae London
  • [02:05] William shares his motivation for becoming an entrepreneur
  • [04:11] We discuss the importance of ethics in business
  • [05:40] What to do, if you want to help the world through a charity
  • [07:20] How you can make the jump from 9 – 5 to being an entrepreneur
  • [10:10] William talks about one of biggest challenges, and how he over came it
  • [11:30] William shares his thoughts on mentor-ship
  • [12:20] We find out what is working for Vitae London in marketing
  • [13:00] How you can find the right influencers to market your brand
  • [15:30] William shares what your should consider when doing market research
  • [17:10] We find out how well Vitae London is doing in business
  • [17:45] How William Adoasi met Sir Richard Branson
  • [19:40] Things you should consider, when starting your business
  • [21:16] William shares the process he went through, to make his product
  • [23:25] William shares what he wishes he knew, before he started
  • [24:10] The 5 Year goal for Vitae London
  • [25:24] The importance of education
  • [26:55] We find out what the best piece of advice, William ever received
  • [28:36 ] William talks business plans, and if they are necessary
  • [31:10] How sales experience can help you grow your business
  • [36:15] How creating a buzz around your brand and patience, can help with sales
  • [37:40] William shares his favourite social media platform for business
  • [38:44] We find out about the challenges of being a young black male in the business world
  • [41:30] The importance of having a unique selling point
  • [42:44] William shares advice for aspiring entrepreneurs
  • [45:40] What to do if you want to explore a business, that you are not passionate about

You will learn

  • More about following your passions in business
  • The importance of strong ethics in business
  • Things to consider when carrying out your market research

Links and resources mentioned


  1. Create a list in excel
  2. Find 20 people in the market, already doing something similar to what you want to start
  3. In another column, list 5 things you think they are doing well.
  4. In the last column, list 5 things you don’t think they are doing well.
  5. This well help you to spot trends on what is working and what is not working in your market.
    e.g. All the watch brands focus their marketing on Instagram. This will help you to decide what you should focus on.

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