#013: Ade Bamgbala Shares The Foundations Of His Blacticulate Podcast Movement

Ade Bamgbala is a digital marketer, public speaker and the founder of Blacticulate, a podcast series that features UK Black professionals, with the mission of finding out HOW their guests do what they do. Why? So you can, too.

In this episode you will learn about the doors podcasting can open for you and your brand. More about the benefits of content marketing, and why you have to create video for your brand.

Ade Bamgbala, Founder of Blacticulate

In this Podcast we discuss ( SPOILER ALERT )

  • [01:47] An introduction to Ade Bamgbala and Blacticulate
  • [04:04] We learn why Ade launched a podcast.
  • [06:05] We find out if you need to be able to relate to your peers in order to learn
  • [07:00] Ade explains how he managed to start a podcast, in a space where there was no peers to follow.
  • [08:00] Ade shares his most memorable podcast episode.
  • [09:30] Is podcasting easy?
  • [13:11] Lisimba talks about why he made a podcast
  • [18:30] The benefits of content marketing
  • [21:20[ Ade explains what doors that Blacticulate has opened for him
  • [24:40] We find out what “hard work” really is
  • [29:00] Why it’s important to play on your strengths, in order to ensure consistency
  • [30:35] How Ade launched his podcast, and how he sustains it.
  • [39:10] Ade talks about his work with Google
  • [49:00] Tips on how to promote your business with digital marketing

Key points you will learn

  • Whats doors podcasting can open for you and your brand.
  • The benefits of content marketing
  • We find out why you should have video in your marketing mix

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