#015: Ethical Beauty Entrepreneur, Dr Clare Anyiam-Osigwe Shares Her Premare Skincare Journey

Dr Clare Anyiam-Osigwe is a multi-awarded ethical beauty entrepreneur and founder of Premae Skincare, the world’s first 100% allergen-friendly beauty brand, first originating from her kitchen in North London. Clare has won 16 Awards in four years, including royal recognition, a B.E.M from HM The Queen.


In this Podcast we discuss ( SPOILER ALERT )

  • [01:47] An introduction to Dr Clare Anyiam-Osigwe
  • [04:11] Clare shares her secret to getting so many awards
  • [07:06] Clare talks about her most memorable award
  • [09:14] We find out how awards have opened doors for Premae Skincare
  • [13:22] How you can build trust with your audience, before you win an award.
  • [15:36] How to remain accessible to your clients while trying to scale your business
  • [17:05] We learn about the size of Premae Skincare
  • [18:22] What to do if your not a BOSS
  • [21:00] How you can motivate staff through intensive schemes and passing on ownership
  • [24:45] Dr Clare Anyiam-Osigwe shares her reasons for going in to business
  • [27:17] We learn more about the challenges Premae has faced in business
  • [30:35] We find out if it is an advantage or disadvantage to be a black entrepreneur
  • [38:39] Knowing your target market
  • [40:10] Clare shares why she got started with Premae
  • [44:00] What is Harley Street
  • [46:00] How to start a Skincare Range
  • [50:30] Clare shares what she wishes she knew before she started in business
  • [53:19] We find out who inspires Clare
  • [55:42] Clare shares what is working in promoting Premae

Key points you will learn

  • How awards can help open doors for your brand
  • How to motivate your staff or your team
  • How to Start a Skincare Range

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