#004: “You can’t be afraid to fail” Interview with Caroline McQueen

Caroline McQueen is a Personal Image & Brand Consultant from London. She’s also the chief provocateur at Industry Avenue.

As a branding expert and former model, She’s spent over 10 years working in front and behind the camera, for some of the world’s largest companies – Unilever, Suntory. Plus, top magazines including Cosmopolitan, Red, and Good Housekeeping.
Caroline is also an ambassador for Virgin Startup.
In this episode, Caroline shares her tips and experiences on funding, business plans, marketing & more.

In this Podcast, we discuss ( SPOILER ALERT )

  • [03:10] Caroline explains her motivation for becoming an entrepreneur
  • [06:30] We learn how Caroline got started with Industry Avenue & Virgin Startup
  • [08:35] Caroline shares how and why she pivoted her business
  • [11:10] “The most important person you can satisfy is your viewer, your audience”
  • [12:20] We learn how Caroline got involved with Virgin Startup
  • [16:07] Caroline explains what it’s like to apply for funding
  • [18:10] Caroline shares tips on how you can get funding
  • [19:10] We find out if you actually need a business plan
  • [ 21:24] “Sometimes people get bogged down by the business plan, and it’s just an excuse to procrastinate”
  • [23:40] Caroline shares how “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert, could influence your business plan
  • [25:10] “How to eat an elephant, is a bite at a time”
  • [27:59] Caroline explains why it’s important for brands to produce great content.
  • [30:31] We ask Caroline if startups should do both content marketing and paid ads.
  • [35:44] We find out what the first thing you and Phil should do, to get your idea off the ground.
  • [36:40] “You can’t build a property on rented land”
  • [39:53] What to do, if your not talented enough to make good content
  • [43:00] “You can’t be afraid to fail”
  • [43:30] We learn more about testing and validating your idea
  • [46:08] Caroline explain how a mastermind can help your business
  • [50:10] Caroline shares what she has learnt from Sir Richard Branson
  • [51:10] We find out what Caroline wishes she knew, before starting in business
  • [55:38] We learn from Caroline’s experience with failure, and how to have the right mindset

You will learn

  • What first steps to take in business
  • How to prepare to find funding
  • Tips on how to market your business cheaply

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