#003: “You can’t try to solve everything” Advice from Tobi Oludayomi

By November 30, 2016Diversity All Star Podcast
Tobi OludayomiTobi Oludayomi is the co-founder of Studio 14, a motivational speaker and mentor for young people starting out in business. Are you interested in doing business in Africa? In this episode, Tobi shares his experience on working in both the UK & Nigeria.

In this Podcast we discuss ( SPOILER ALERT )

  • [03:30] We learn how Tobi got into creating a digital agency
  • [04:45] Tobi shares his take on digital trends
  • [06:19] “You have to move with the times”
  • [07:55] “If you don’t innovate, and still want to get stuck in your ways and don’t want to embrace mobile technology, you will get left behind”
  • [09:28] Tobi explains responsive websites
  • [10:38] Tobi shares the differences on doing business with the UK vs Nigeria
  • [17:24] We ask Tobi why he does business with Nigeria?
  • [20:50] In doing business with Nigeria, “You can’t try to solve everything”
  • [22:35] “Because I tried to use my own money, we didn’t have enough”
  • [24:55] Tobi shares his take on whether you should create a MVP (minimum viable product)
  • [28:50] Tobi talks about partnering with startups
  • [35:18] “If you want your brand to speak for you, you have to be prepared to to take risks and do stuff that’s innovative”
  • [38:05] “At first we didn’t want to put our pictures on our website, our management team, were all Africans”
  • [40:55] “The word entrepreneur, is kind of misused”
  • [44:10] “People can start out as anything, and they can migrate to becoming an entrepreneur.”

You will learn

  • About the importance of mobile tech to your business.
  • Some of the differences in doing business with the UK vs Nigeria
  • how to get the balling rolling with a MVP (minimum viable product)

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