#002: “Quit your job” life lessons with Luti Fagbenle

By November 30, 2016Diversity All Star Podcast
Luti Fagbenle is an established entrepreneur and the founder of Luti Media, an award winning, BAFTA nominated production company, based in London & LA.

In this Podcast we discuss ( SPOILER ALERT )

  • [03:00] What it means to Luti to be an entrepreneur
  • [07:30] “Oh f*** how we going to do this s*** that we said we are actually going to do!”
  • [09:20] We learn more about the Luti Media business model
  • [14:30] “Clients aren’t supposed to know, in my belief, what they want necessarily. They should be more focused on what they want to achieve”
  • [15:44] We found out how Luti got started in business
  • [17:27] “I broke that catch 22 by going to America”
  • [18:17] We learn how Luti’s family felt about him dropping out of education
  • [19:49] “There was so much more to be learned, working for NIKE and Channel 4, on a real production, than writing a 10,000 word thesis”
  • [20:44] “You got to learn your craft, you got to get it to a certain level”
  • [21:55] “To be an entrepreneur, you got to make stuff happen”
  • [26:30] We find out if it’s a smart idea to dive head first into business
  • [28:23] “Quit your job!”
  • [29:30] “Do it, do it, Just do it”
  • [31:42] What Luti learnt from Larry Bird (via his brother)
  • [32:10] “At the point where anyone else would quit, your going to push even further”
  • [34:40] We learn how Luti used his background to actually overcome challenges with race
  • [43:30] We learn about the power of the black dollar
  • [46:00] Doing business in Africa
  • [47:20] Luti’s biggest failure
  • [51:07] “Until my 10 year old self is happy, I ain’t done”
  • [52:10] What Luti learnt from Jamie Foxx
  • [56:00] “The only thing that is stopping you …”

You will learn

  • When to leave work to pursue your entrepreneurial dreams.
  • About the strength of the black community in the USA.
  • How a common failure, could become your biggest strength.

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